Kristen Staffaroni is certified as a Reiki Master under the Usui System of Natural Healing and a Professional Coach through Leadership That Works.

Kristen is a sensitive and deep listener and offers a unique ability to create new possibilities for growth through listening and gentle questions. Her intuitive and heart-centered coaching techniques blend naturally with the healing benefits of Reiki. Her healing sessions are designed to support clients in accessing their truth and expressing it freely.

Before becoming a healer, Kristen worked as a teacher and teacher trainer for 20 years. She also engaged deeply in her own personal growth through a variety of therapeutic and kinesthetic modalities. These experiences fostered her passion for helping others grow through challenging situations and begin to view these challenges as doorways to truth and freedom.

Through her training in Reiki and Transformational Coaching, Kristen has honed her skills to an art of listening, creating non-judgmental space and gently guiding people through their own unique process of healing and moving toward authentic happiness in life.

To book a healing session or discuss your needs contact me at 917-520-6292 or or click on “Book a Session” below.