Frequently Asked Questions

The word Reiki is comprised of two Japanese characters: “rei” meaning spiritual or transcendent, and “ki” meaning energy or vital force. It most simply means “spiritual energy”. A Reiki session is 60 – 90 minutes, involves gently placement of the practitioner’s hands on or above the client’s body to bring healing energy. Sessions are normally done on a massage table (or similar) while clients are fully clothed. An important note about Reiki is that it is complementary and is not a replacement for treatment prescribed by a doctor or other licensed health care practitioner. Reiki is a wonderful complement to other healing modalities and can support recovery from illness or injury.
Reiki is best understood through experience and what clients experience during a session can vary. Many experience heat in or around the body, tingling, pulsation or wave-like movement or flow of energy through the body. Reiki can center the body and clear and stimulate the mind. Clients often experience deep relaxation, acceleration of the body’s natural healing processes, stress reduction, calming of emotional distress and enhanced clarity and creativity.
Coaching is a dynamic partnership designed to support people in discovering their deepest potential and most creative solutions. Through rigorous questioning and deep listening, coaching is designed to help people remove obstacles from their lives so they can realize their goals, visions and deepest longings and live the life that honors who they truly are.
A session is designed to meet you in your current head and heart space and support you in finding calm, clarity and truth. I often begin with, “How is your body today?” to get a sense of physical sensations or emotions that are present. I use that information to determine how to proceed during the Reiki session. Some Reiki practitioners follow a protocol in every session. I combine aspects of protocol and intuition, resulting in variety from session to session. After the Reiki portion, I use coaching techniques to process anything that may surface during the session. Our bodies are always talking to us. Effective healing sessions that combine conversation with gentle touch can help us clear blocks and find peace.
I am affordable. I charge $65 for a healing session and offer packages as well. Contact me for information.
I see clients in my home in Astoria and in my session space in Manhattan at 280 Madison Avenue.