When I started my coaching sessions with Kristen I was in a very precarious place professionally and personally.  Through our sessions I have gained insight into how to deal with stressful situations and how to diffuse situations so that I do not dwell on the negative aspect of the occurrence and regroup my thoughts and maintain my productivity.  I am continually using many of the techniques we discussed in our sessions in my daily living, allowing me to remain focused and to complete the tasks I have set for myself.  I am not sure where I would be today without the guidance and reinforcement I received through our sessions.  Kristen provided insight into my weaknesses and allowed me to work through problems and situations to become more confident and stronger professionally. I cannot thank Kristen enough for getting me through this past six months.

– Mary Jo, Professor


Prior to beginning work with Kristen I had always been very apprehensive about sharing my emotions, particular those related to my faults, with others – even trained professionals who were supposed to be nonjudgmental and sworn to discretion.  I accepted Kristen’s life coaching help as a way to “test the waters.” 

What I liked most about Kristen is that she explained to me in detail what life coaching is, and what we would be doing from the offset, and most importantly that she wasn’t there to tell me what to do, but to reflect back to me what I was discovering (As we sometimes miss our own thoughts without someone else to “hold” them for us.)  One of my greatest issues involved the ability to push myself to find a resolution on several persistent life issues that without Kristen’s help, I might have let continue on as nagging negatives and regrets in my life. Through visualization exercises, and sometimes instructions to use my physical space, Kristen helped me feel enough control and objective distance from my concerns to address and resolve them and in so doing help me achieve a sense of content and relief that I have not known for a very long time in my day-to-day life.

I remain impressed that Kristen was capable of talking with me about both my current life events as well as our continued theme/planned work without ever seeming to take the control of the session away from me. She is extremely supportive — even being there for me when the wheels of my mind decided to keep turning and I needed hand holding as a major breakthrough decided to arrive after our formal session ended for the evening.

Although our coaching sessions ended over a month ago, there is barely a day that has gone by that I do not recall myself thinking back on our sessions as I continue to work through some of my issues and figure out new challenges on my own. In fact, I am motivated to continue trying on my own. I know from experience that it is possible because of the epiphanies I experienced while working with Kristen and want to continue the feelings of relief, enlightenment, and contentment that come from overcoming what seemed like frustrating irreconcilable truths. 

The experience with Kristen is gratifying and far from clinical – I felt recognized and honored in my individuality and genuinely cared for by Kristen’s coaching style.

– Courtney W.


I have had two Reiki sessions with Kristen. She was very professional in her explanation of the procedures used and areas of the body she focused on. Kristen created a relaxing and comfortable environment, which fostered a positive and receptive response during both sessions. When the sessions concluded, I definitely felt much better both physically and emotionally.

Kristen also conducted three coaching sessions: one with me and my husband and two with me alone. She is able to evaluate situations from different perspectives, which helped us to interpret these situations more objectively and productively. We both benefited greatly from our sessions with Kristen, and were better able to accept the realities of the situations and deal with them more positively.

– Joan S., Retiree


Working with Kristen helped me tremendously get through one of the toughest times in my life and has stayed with me so that I can continue living my best life possible. Before having coaching sessions with Kristen, I had been seeking someone to help me because I saw that I wasn’t able to figure out how to get myself to the next level in improving my life. Her methods in coaching are very intuitive, gentle, insightful, impressively, spot on, and it’s a bonus that scheduling appointments with her is easy and sessions are done from the comfort of my own home over the phone. I’m so thankful I’ve had the experience of being coached by Kristen for it’s changed my life substantially for the better and I definitely would seek coaching from her again in the future and recommend her to anyone.

– Tiffany S.


I’m so appreciative to have had Kristen as a Life Coach. She was empathetic, curious and relatable. I was able to benefit from her guidance and move the needle further on health and personal goals that had long been stalled. I highly recommend her for those who need assistance in getting un-stuck.

– Jennifer A., Executive Director of Non-profit


Kristen’s sessions are filled with intuition and insight. She provides me with a safe, secure space where I can relax, open, and allow healing and transformation to take place. Throughout the session, I can feel Kristen’s grounded, loving presence channeling the beautiful Reiki energy to where it’s needed most. I’m left feeling balanced and at peace.

– Gisela V., Style Consultant


By nature, my nerves tend to get the best of me; the millions of thoughts, the increased heart beat, the sweaty palms. My dear friend Kristen, suggested trying a Reiki session with her, she said it could help. After learning more about Reiki, I decided to give it a try. An hour’s worth of conscious breathing and gentle “holds” later, I felt a lightness throughout my body. An overall sense of calm had taken over. The aroma of essential oils filled the air leading me to calmer inhales and exhales. Any annoyances or stressors I carried had left my tense muscles with every move of her hand. The feeling had lasted for days. I slept better and had a clearer state of consciousness, which led me to continue my reiki practice with Kristen to this day. Her patience and restorative healing abilities makes me feel at ease on harder days. Her work allowed me to find an alternative way to handle anxiety and all it’s complicated layers. I will be forever grateful for her healing touch.

– Lauren J., Creative Services

I reached out to Kristen for help with a very painful case of plantar fasciitis. I had excruciating pain all day and walking was very painful. As soon as she started my session I felt the energy in the soles of my feet. There was this light pressure similar to when your feet are on the ground, but you’re not standing on them (sitting on a chair, for instance). This sensation persisted throughout the whole session. Afterwards I felt the shift in my ankles and feet. It was as if fresh blood was coursing through my feet. At the end of our third session I no longer needed Kristen’s help. My pain was completely gone.

– Nicole Averescu, Child Care Services